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Friday, May 4, 2012 advice?...

As a parent..... I now have the right to preach! To say 'oh well I did it this way' 'my baby did this' but... I don't want to preach because I remember being that nervous first time parent last October (still am) and I didn't need a lot of mother earth 'do this do that' what I really needed was:- a) a list of must have item ideas and what your actually supposed to do with them...(receiving blanket what does that mean?) b) an idea of what it's like those first few weeks with a newborn...Nitty gritty c) a day in the life of...type of information Every pregnancy is different, no birth story is ever the same and I've never met two babies who behave the same way, and when a friend asked me to give her advice on breastfeeding I came up with a long list of ideas, but at the end of the day what worked for me won't necessarily work for you. So in the next few days I'll post what my pregnancy birth & the last months highs & lows & essential items we have found to make our lives easier, will they make your life easier who knows? No preaching here just my honest advice/ opinion please take with salt, when you have your baby, trust me you will find the things that work for you...your instinct will kick in it's amazing! R x

More dolls on the make

hee hee this one looks like the big marshmallow guy in ghostbusters!
And check out my boys!

Bed head

Oh my this kids already got serious bed head issues, from a nap!

Saturday, April 21, 2012 traveling purchase...

I umd and ard about buying this 'gopod' I didn't know how much I'd use it!

But in the pre walking pre crawling stage it was a perfect distraction for her, and left my hands free from time to time, to wee, shower or drink a cup of tea

Best $10 spent tips

Best purchases....
I bought a version of these flannel wipes before Bailey was born!
24 (mine were yellow) reusable flannel wipes from

I use 1/2 every day to wash her face, wipe her after food, bath her with, mop up spills, etc -could be used for diaper wipes too.
It's the best $10 spent and one of my top baby tips!

R x

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Need to get more books!

As you can see bailey is a bookworm!
I'm putting it on my shopping list...'must buy more books' though I need a 'proper' book shop, I miss Borders, such a shame they no longer here!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Starbucks with friends

These two! Ella & Bailey!
Born three weeks apart so cute together, not watching these grow up together (as we're moving back to the uk!)
Makes me cry!!
Jo has been my go to girl in Stapleton for pregnancy & baby related queries!!!!!

I make...

I started making dolls.....

Silly fun video

funny I hope this works?

Happy Birthday Bailey!

Bailey Rae
Age 1
Likes Daddy, chasing daddy, climbing on daddy & cuddling daddy & mummy, owl at bedtimes, Dolly, push along cow.
emptying the toy box is fun or the nappy draw...or my bag!
Eating blueberries, grapes, broccoli, Mac n cheese, spaghetti & yogurt.
Loves kiddies & dogs, dancing & walks around the neighborhood.
Says dadda, mama, ta & NO! (nowhe) shake and nods head, Stretches, high fives, waves, blows kisses, points, stretches arms up for goals, & claps!

Her face being washed, clothes put on, taken off!

Happy happy birthday to you!
Happy happy birthday to you!
You're good to grow, so count the candles and blow! Happy happy birthday to you! to you! to you!
Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you!

Happy first birthday 7th October 2011! Sweet little Bailey Rae x

Mamma & dadda


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Feeding the sparrows

Reading fun!

Hair clips

This was the one and only time she allowed me to clip her hair!
Now if I even get a clip out to show her she wants to inspect it, but if I try to clip her hair she throws herself on the floor!
Goodness! I had hopes of braiding her hair, many hairclips & pigtails, oh well!

Pregnancy etc!!!

I thought I'd jot a few things down as one side effect from pregnancy/ birth is you check your brain into the hospital but leave it there!

Hairbands over Jean buttons prolong life and wearing of gave jeans.

Belly bands are amazing get in black & white (elastic like boob tube but fit around/under bump- elongated tshirts also covers open jeans!)

Stop wearing underwire bras

Wear tank type bras in bed if you dont have anything already like this without wire invest in crossover nighttime feeding bra/tank that way you can wear after pregnancy for easy nighttime feeds

Put long pillow in your bed keeps hubby away from kneeing you in the night & you start to need it for support, I ended up with one either side of me.

Water water water drink it constantly, I got a special water bottle with a suck valve thing, it's amazing how screwing a lid off is annoying and you don't drink as much, sip sip sip!

Eat Apples - whenever I felt queasy, right amount of sugar in a good way!
Capri suns
Cliff choc brownie bars

I used bio oil, palmers cocoa butter and aveano 24hr moisturizer and mixed it up/ each day using something diff, as wasn't sure what worked!

Forget buying nursing bras before you deliver, no idea what feels good or what size you'll be!
Invest more in bf tanks with hidden support, small (I got one white one black to start with - but I wore a tank even when I wasn't pregnant or bfeeding- I'm just a tank kinda girl)

I didn't get maternity knickers til late on in my pregnancy, my next pregnancy I'll get them earlier, yes they're big and silly but boy are they comfortable (even now!!! I just wear them when steves out of town)

Pretty much forget pajamas for the hospital, who knows what's gonna happen, if you end up with a csection pjs will just irritate, I borrowed a friends maternity gear, and took to the hospital two nighties with cross over fronts, and two dressing gowns, I was in 5 nights and once I was able to get up and shower it was so nice to get into my own pretty cotton nighties!

Take a pretty blanket into the hospital to take photos with, I loved Aden & Anais muslin blankets as I swaddled (still do at 7 months! From under arms down as she likes her arms out)

In hospital they gave me a peri bottle ahhh the cool stream of water on my doodah (I had cesarean) but even so my bits were sore and this little bottle was my friend, made me feel clean & gave some relief too I used it a couple of weeks when I was home too makes you fresh as your wearing a pad for a while! Approx 4-6 weeks?

Once breastfeeding warm showers stand facing spray on boobies a few minutes everyday, or every shower
Don't wear underwire bras

Get dressed, shower you'll feel more human, honestly, also gives you a few minutes to yourself!

What partner can do.....Honestly let him know these things beforehand and he'll know he's got a job to do, otherwise you will do everything because he doesn't know, won't necessarily know how to ask.

After birth
Change nappies, honestly this was the best thing Steve did, and still does now, he doesn't even need prompting now, but in the beginning I'd just ask if I needed him, we changed her first few days together as I couldn't get up off bed so we'd put her on my knee I'd hold her while he sorted it all out, he was great! And now ALWAYS wipes, puts cream on etc v methodical whereas sometimes I miss out the cream if she doesn't need it.

Fend off visitors, if your not up for visitors, go upstairs send him to door to deal
Be the bad cop, he should be the one who makes visitors, take off shoes, and wash hands before holding/touching baby! You won't feel up to making people do it! Steve was a germaphobe so this came quite easily to him!

Get drinks if ness, or tell people to help themselves - DO NOT wait on anyone! Even if they are holding your baby! Friend/family won't expect it and if they do they need to take a hike!

He could also make sure you are fed & given regular drinks, honestly you will forget and this will make you feel worse (get a water-bottle fill it constantly one with a supping spout not a lid as opening a lid with one hand isn't easy but you should drink even more water now your nursing) also if you use it regularly he will see it's running low & fill it (well mine did)

If people say can I help beforehand say yes please and have some idea of jobs, (help you do bulk shop beforehand, help you clean part of house before or after, iron hubbies shirts, my friends out here delivered food for the first week, honestly it was amazing, especially the first night we got back, they didn't even come in just left bag on porch or we left door unlocked as we slept & they delivered it inside, suggest something plain and easy to reheat, shep pie? Chunky soup nice bread? (nothing spicy as baby will have everything you have and may upset a new babes tummy) don't forget pudding!
Our first meal was Mac n cheese, cabbage salad & home made applesauce (we mixed it with yogurt) it tasted heavenly while we sat opposite each other at the table while Bailey slept in her basinet, I remember feeling shell shocked & kinda empty with tiredness inside and could've quite easily gone to bed with no food and that would've been bad for me & baby!
Breastfeeding makes you hungry hungry hungry I could've ate horses!!

Shop BIG before baby arrives, toilet roll (put shedloads in all bathrooms, not in your normal storage place, have it all on hand you'll be amazed how little chores like that are taxing on you, also if you run out when guests arrive you will have to go get!)
Kitchen roll, dishwasher tablets & rince aid
Juice boxes/ Capri suns - very easy to grab one esp if thirsty and you forgot to put dishwasher on and have no clean glasses! Think you won't will!)
Your cereals
Bread (put some in freezer)
Canned stuff for quick meals soups, beans,

I also stocked up on
Face wipes and stashed them by bed, by sofa, in downstairs bathroom as fresh face felt nice but actually getting to the sink was a problem!

By my seat on the sofa.....
Breastfeeding log sheets (can download from Internet just type bf log sheets- log pee/poop breeding times, duration & which side you started on last time & later on which boob she last took)
Face wipes
Hand sanitizer
Hand moisturizer
Baby nail clippers
A nailfile
Box of tissues
Note pad and pen
Couple of cartons of juice or bottles of water

Use a nightlight in your room, when she falls asleep now we switch it off, and just open the bathroom door a crack for light, saves her getting use to a light at night.

Changing. I set up a changing 'station' before she was born used it maybe three times!
I found having a few changing mats (the thin travel kind) around the house is better, as when she poops all down herself/ yourself it better to have all on hand!
So we have a box down in the lounge and a box in the bedroom containing:-
Change of onsie (no legs babygrow)
Sometimes babygrows
Butt Cream
Hand sanitizer
Nappy bags if you use them

Products I LOVED & why...
Aden & Anais muslin swaddle blankets
Nature babycare nappies & wipes and especially there biodegradable nappy bags
Alameda breast gel pads
Mommy's bliss gripe water
Avent soothies dummies no nipple confusion

Apps to download
Baby monitor
Bf log (though I think writing down better)

The don't buys....
Coats, raincoats - babies hardly wear coats in their carseats (dangerous)
And they don't stand up!!!
Save for when walking!
Dresses/ skirts- again not great til 8-9 months? Need tights or leggings underneath anyway - obv get some just limit! Little tunic style cute over jeans or leggings
Baby shoes! Again til Walking She's 7 months and still haven't found pair that fit or stay on!
Mittens, scratch mitts, we never ended up using, I kept nail clippers in pot by sofa and just clipped her nails regularly when she slept (get ones with extra handle for easy manoevarability)
Padded car seat liners (bundle me's)
Vv dangerous to line car seat with anything, also baby shouldn't be in padded jacket or snowsuit in carseat ie nothing should pad out space between back of carseat and baby.
Crib sets that include duvet or bumper- just buy sheets & blankets (we layer up Aden & anais muslin blankets as they a little stretchy and we can tuck them in well (Also swaddle with one of them & tuck end under bottom of mattress to keep her put)

Chip on my shoulder?

No it's only sophie! 

Happy Easter

Wow this is last years Easter, we were moving (the first of many since then!)

We have now moved countries & had 4 houses since this house...and as our US shipment of furniture arrived this week I'm surrounded by boxes again as per this picture! 

Happy Easter! 

R x 

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Breastfeeding...for me

Well I thought I'd just write a few things on breastfeeding as it's been over 6 months and all has gone really well.

I know I'm really lucky as so many of my friends have had problems, I think it's an amazing thing the body does and if your lucky enough not to get mastitis and have enough supply for the demand it truly is wonderful, yes I know who'd have thought it??? ME an earth mother!!!

I use to think it was an odd thing growing a 'thing' in your body then it feeds off you! I also found some people too in your face about breastfeeding bearing breasts in public daring confrontation, which put me off ( see earlier post ie ' its the most natural thing in the world, so is sex but we shouldn't do it in Starbucks, well we should at least be discreet!!! With bf not sex!!)

As soon as I was pregnant I knew I would breastfeed for aslong as I could (up to a year if possible, not one to have an 8 year old on my boob!)
And I thought I wouldn't get hung up if I couldn't, now I realize they were just the words of prepregnant me, and if I hadn't been able to breastfeed for any reason I would be devastated!

Ah prepregnant me, my ideals, views, thoughts....I didn't know jack!!! But that's a whole other post.

Back to bf, my tips?

Get advice before (from a friend who's done it and loved it! Who will be your go to girl if it gets rough, your 'come on stick it out' girl, I didn't need this luckily, cause she'd have scared the s*** out of me! Only joking jen x )

Get advice when you are at hospital, I got the lactation consultant there as many times as I could, she was great and great fun too which helped take away from the fact she had my boob in her hand! She would get me set up with pillows around me so baby was laying across me, then grab my boob wait for baby to open wide the push baby right into boob squish right up til it latches! You almost feel like your smothering the baby, then ease off.
So grab boob...stroke nipple near mouth...wait for mouth to open wide...quickly ram babies face into your boob, hey presto nipple in mouth & attached V quick forceful motion and relax.

I also wanted to feed as soon as she was put in my chest after delivery, but I ended up with a csection - so in recovery I asked the nurse to help me feed and get her latched on... I did it (my eyes were rolling and I was repeating myself but she latched on for a few minutes!)

When you first feed it doesn't feel like much a little dragging then eventually sore nipples, then once milk comes in you get the real dragging pain like gravelly sand being sucked out your nipple for a few seconds at the start of each feed, this sometimes is accompanied by searing stabbing pain...but all totally bearable minor pain and soon disappear, I honestly can't remember how long it hurt for as it hasn't hurt now for so long.

When your milk comes in, approx 3-4 days after birth you boobs swell like melons tight and fairly sore. After this time they may start to leak, mine started a week or so after the birth so I wore pads day and night and only stopped recently as I had good supply!!

I started off 5-10 mins each side, every 2/3 hours sometimes 4, occasionally she'd sleep six and they say to wake her, crazy I couldn't wake her!
You start on alternate boobs each time ie the last boob you fed her you start with that one next time ie
8 am Left - right
12 right - left
4 left right

Few weeks later...
She started feeding closer together so I took it to 15mins each side.
Few weeks after that...
she started only taking one boob, so I dropped it back to 10mins each side every 3/4 hours
From about 6 weeks she was sleeping 10 hours at night, Though I'd wake up with super-tight painfully engorged boobies, but the sleep was heaven!
After 3/4 months she just takes one boob at a time now (two boobs last thing at night) sometimes I forget which boob I gave her last because you should alternate and give her the same one twice and end up with a massive melon!
I pretty much feed on demand.

I recommend 3-4 hours apart feeds in day but from about 4-5 weeks I started feeding the last two feeds before bedtime closer together like 5pm 8pm 10pm so she's full for bedtime.
I also always did the last feed in bed lights low and generally put her into her bassinet awake but sleepy unless she'd actually fallen asleep on the boob.

I used a 'hooter hider' the first few months now i go under my T-shirt from the bottom, this hides your boobs and babies face a little and because i always wear a tank my skin is covered too I can do this quite discreetly even in Starbucks!

If we had lots of people in the house I'd feed upstairs, bad? Good? She now is easily distracted if there is a lot of noise when feeding! If theres kids around forget about it! She loves kiddies!

Ameda gel breast-pads the lactation consultant gave me some but it might be worth having some just in case (you'll use more than one set anyway they go a bit weird after too much use)
Wear them in your bf tank first few weeks, take out while feeding, wash with cold water and let air dry somewhere cool we left on windowsill they were then perfect cool temp to replace ahhhh! Feels nice when nipples feel tender in first few days!

Forget getting fitted for bras, honestly they never get size right! Also they feel too bulky for easy feeding. Just a personal choice, but I go for bf tanks target do great starter ones, just cotton with a bit of hidden support, get the size you normally are prepregnancy, I went bigger and they now don't fit right (they are generous in the body)
I also got two nighttime feeding bras like loose cotton crossover bras these were great in first few days under nighty and nightshirt now.
I also just bought a new tank a little more form fitting for under all my summer white ts & tanks it's via amazon again! Motherhood maternity spaghetti strap double front clip down, I love it as it holds me in and up!

Get breastfeeding log sheets, again I got these from my wonderful lactation consultant but you can also download off the Internet, I like them when they have a page a day,(I'll post a photo if one) places to note pee, pooping amazingly you can forget with all that lack of sleep you wont remember if it was todays poop or last weeks you are remembering! and if your little ones poorly it's the first thing the docs ask how many wet diapers, my doctor took copies of mine for reference in my notes they were so concise! I also used mine as my brain as I seem to have checked it in to the hospital and forgotten to pick it back up!
So what also went on the sheet ... shopping lists, when I took pain meds, if I gave Bailey Tylenol, list of presents & who bought & if I sent thank yous, doc appointments, moods & if when she cried for long periods, if we'd been out all day, when we went in long walks and most importantly when she slept or napped!
It was brilliant I kept it going for 3 months! Kinda miss it now!
You also start to see patterns, she cried before bedtime sometimes 2hours when she didn't have long naps in the day or if we hadn't been out in the fresh air, I maybe wouldn't have known this if i didn't relook at my log.
You amazingly start to realize you and baby are getting into good sleep patterns! And can use the log to tweak your baby's sleep routine (b slept 10 hours a night at 6 weeks- as I realized she slept longer if I put her to sleep later 11pm or after, any time before that she cried and would then wake a few times at night also walks in evening tired her out to sleep longer : )

Breastfeeding definitely is a suck it and see kinda project, read books (I read breastfeeding for dummies and what to expect when your expecting) talk to friends who have, did your mother bf? Chances are you'll follow her pattern, my mum had so much she donated it to the neonatal baby unit (without use of a Breast pump! My dad would drop it off each morning!)
Talk to your partner, I knew Steve was weirder out by bodily functions! We'd spoken about it and I knew he was ok with it but didn't want nitty gritty now he doesn't care it's all natural in caring for our baby, but had he though it weird or off putting I know I would've felt differently about it, you need their support esp if you're having problems or are exhausted.
Steve also made sure I didn't fall asleep whilst bfing by just being aware and in the first few days in hospital we would wake together and try and keep each other awake, he also took winding job for while he was off work, that really helped me.
Good luck enjoy!
R x

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We walked down to the green, a daily outing in our household!
This time for chipotle, veggie burrito bowl, extra guacamole, and an arnold Palmer! (green tea & lemonade, not the fizzy pop style the homemade style yum and refreshing all in one)

On the way back she played peepo with her blanket!
(yes it's 100 degrees but it's a uv blanket from coolibar, it's been a lifesaver when the sun gets her legs no matter how far down we pull the sunshade!)
I would recommend this blanket, even just for playing peepo!

R x
Ps under that buggy there is a wedding cake cupcake, I just happened to pass the cupcake truck on the way home! Ah life is grand!

...cuddles with dada...

Isn't this just the cutesy?
Dada comes home from work and gets serious squeals & attention.
This is her new thing, ahh bottle those moments, cherish and remember.
I see Steve's eyes go shiny, loves his little girl so much, it makes my eyes go shiny, happy R x

...fat pussy...

Really is this not animal cruelty, in the Colorado heat!
Thyroid problem?
Too many mcDonalds?
Wrong wrong wrong

But Bailey thought he was just super, she was mad for him, the squeals and hand gestures said, 'mummy mummy mummy gimme gimme gimme NOW!
Love our Bailey and us walks!

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Monday, August 1, 2011

...chubby Leggies...

Awe don't you just love these chubby leggies, soon they'll disappear as she is on the move! Constantly like a Duracell bunny!
Au revoir little chunk!

Bonjour little toddler!
Boo hoo
R x