Friday, August 19, 2011


We walked down to the green, a daily outing in our household!
This time for chipotle, veggie burrito bowl, extra guacamole, and an arnold Palmer! (green tea & lemonade, not the fizzy pop style the homemade style yum and refreshing all in one)

On the way back she played peepo with her blanket!
(yes it's 100 degrees but it's a uv blanket from coolibar, it's been a lifesaver when the sun gets her legs no matter how far down we pull the sunshade!)
I would recommend this blanket, even just for playing peepo!

R x
Ps under that buggy there is a wedding cake cupcake, I just happened to pass the cupcake truck on the way home! Ah life is grand!

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  1. too cute! we have a great blanket too made of muslin cotton. Love'em!